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DATE: Wednesday, June 5 – June 7, 2024, 8:00 AM (PDT)


Please see the information below including Zoom guidelines, event Zoom link, and schedule.

Please make sure your name when you sign into the Zoom event is the name you registered with: change it if needed to match your registered name.

All the best and see you Wednesday!

Navigating and Surfing the Rough Waters of Termination in ISTDP

A 3-Day Online Immersion with Dr. Allan Abbass

Schedule and Information

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you all to the next in a series of immersion courses: “Navigating and Surfing the Rough Waters of Termination in ISTDP”: a 3 Day Immersion with Dr. Allan Abbass, June 5-7, 2024 from 8-300pm PST, (11-600pm EST, 12 noon to 700 pm AST and 17-2400 CET).

Before the immersion, please download and install Zoom on your computer. Please make sure the program works on your computer before the immersion starts Wednesday. The program can be downloaded for free here: https://zoom.us/download.

On the mornings of the immersion, please click on the Zoom link below no later than 30 minutes before the course day starts. You will then enter the Zoom conference’s “waiting room” and from there be admitted to the online conference. It may take some time to admit all online participants, so don’t leave the meeting before you are admitted in. If you have difficulties, please email Tami or Matt at info@istdpsandiego.com for assistance.

Please stay signed in to the conference all day so we don’t need to keep signing people back in from the waiting area. You can just mute your sound and turn off your camera.

A reminder that no part of the conference can be recorded or transcribed in any way to protect patient confidentiality. We will be recording the presentation for our purposes.

Obviously only people who have paid and registered may observe the immersion: it is not too late for a colleague of yours to register and sit in with you and watch the immersion. They may register here: (Link to be added).

There will be a chat box for questions during intervals of the presentation. These are also times where verbal questions can be asked.

Dr. Abbass will be using the chat throughout the viewing of his videos regarding his thinking processes, interventions, patient signals, and responses.

There will be some poll questions for you during the talk so be ready to decide on the Front, Degree of Rise, Discharge Pathways, Type of Intervention, and Markers of the UTA.

The links to the Handout, Daily Schedule, and Zoom Meeting are below: Note the times listed below and on the schedule begin at 0 so you can account for your particular time zone.

Zoom Link for all Days: (Link to be added).

16 Continuing Education credits are available for this event for an additional $35 and can be purchased here: (Link to be added). Participants must have paid tuition fee, logged in and out each day, attended the entire webinar, and completed an evaluation to receive a certificate. Failure to log in or out will result in forfeiture of credit for the entire course. No exceptions will be made. Partial credit is not available. Certificates are available following course completion at www.ceuregistration.com. There is no conflict of interest or commercial support for this program.

Register now for our next immersion at the following link! (LINK).

Looking forward to being with you all!

Allan Abbass, Tami Chelew, and Matt Jarvinen


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Schedule (set to start at 0 so you can adjust for your time zone):

June 5

30 Mins before: Enter Zoom Conference: Make sure Zoom Name is same as Registration

0-1:30 Introduction. Overview, Metapsychology and Trial Therapy

1:30-1:50 Morning break

1:50-3:00 Time-Limited Case 1

3:00-3:15 Commentary Tami Chelew/Matt Jarvinen

3:15-4:15 Midday break/Lunch

4:15-5:30 Time-Limited Case 1

5:30-5:50 Afternoon break

5:50-7:00 Time-Limited Case 1

7:00 Conclude Day 1

June 6

0-1:30 Time-Limited Case 2

1:30-1:50 Morning break

1:50-3:00 Time-Limited Case 2

3:00-3:15 Commentary Tami Chelew

3:15-4:15 Midday break/Lunch

4:15-5:30 Time-Limited Case 2

5:30-5:50 Afternoon break

5:50-7:00 Conclude Time-Limited Case 2

7:00 Conclude Day 2

June 7

0-1:30 Long-Term Case

1:30-1:50 Morning break

1:50-3:00 Long-Term Case

3:00-3:15 Commentary Tami Chelew

3:15-4:15 Midday break/Lunch

4:15-5:30 Long-Term Case

5:30-5:50 Afternoon break

5:50-7:00 Conclude Long-Term Case

7:00 Conclude Course